Eastern Europe Admin & Postcode Maps

eu_ostHere an overview from our data offering for small-scale international market and geographic data of the Eastern European countries.

Eastern Europe geodata includes: Population, Households, Sex / Gender, Age bands, Unemployed, Consumer Styles as well as Purchasing Power, Retail Spending, Consumer Spending, Retail Turnover and Retail Centrality on a variety of geographical levels for e.g. postcode boundaries (ZIP), administrative boundaries and census area maps.

For use in a GIS (Geographical Information System) we provide you the digital area boundaries in almost all standard formats e.g. *.tab for MapInfo Professional or shape file (*.shp) for ESRI ArcGis and ArcView.

On request we can also provide area boundaries for Google Earth (KML) and PostGis. When and if desired we can combine the demographic data directly to the matching digital boundaries, enabling one to import the data into the system without the need for additional steps or tedious matching.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or in the event that the data you were looking for was not listed; we will gladly investigate an alternative data offering to fit your needs.