Retail Turnover

Retail Turnover

Retail Turnover measures the turnover of local retail trade


What does Retail Turnover mean?

Retail Turnover measures the turnover of local retail trade at point of sale. In contrast to the Purchasing Power and Retail Spending, Retail Turnover quantifies the purchases at the consumers’ place of expenditure.

As this refers to the retail turnover available within an area it does not necessary mean that this reflects the retail spending available within the respective areas. Therefore showing the retail turnover / money spent on retail of a given area.

Advantages of the MB-International Retail Turnover

  • Globally consistent and comparable
  • Our data is subjected to a strict quality control and constantly updated by means of comprehensive research by our in-house statistical & geographical department
  • The Retail Turnover allows companies to zero in on their regional markets with increased precision and accuracy
  • Using our postcode, administrative boundary or small area maps for the geographic visualization of the Retail Turnover allows for an even more effective and efficient decision-making.

Vast variety of uses in many different aspects of business applications

By using MBI Retail Turnover Data companies from across all branches of trade are able to:

  • Quantify regional sales opportunities / market potentials
  • Evaluate areas for strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify unused market potential
  • Set realistic local economic forecasts 
  • Focus locally on marketing activities
  • Formulate quantified and realistic objectives
  • Restructure and optimize market and sales areas
  • Map marketing campaigns
  • Develop expansion strategies

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Example Retail Turnover

Retail Turnover on municipality level for the Czech Republic

Admincode Name Population Retail Turnover
  Municipality/Obce year average per mill
of country
in Mio.
per mill
of country
per capita
country = 100
500496 Olomouc 100.291 9,535 347,14 11,222 3.463 117,3
505188 Šternberk 13.709 1,303 30,60 0,989 2.216 75,1
505587 Uničov 11.964 1,137 25,70 0,831 2.127 72,1
505927 Opava 58.294 5,542 217,98 7,047 3.715 125,9
507016 Hlučín 14.216 1,352 28,18 0,911 1.976 66,9
511382 Přerov 46.148 4,387 165,08 5,337 3.566 120,8
513750 Hranice 19.102 1,816 64,92 2,099 3.374 114,3
523704 Šumperk 27.395 2,604 156,91 5,072 5.672 192,2
529303 Benešov 16.406 1,560 119,19 3,853 7.266 246,2
530883 Vlašim 12.036 1,144 50,31 1,626 4.174 141,4
Czech Republic 10.518.570 1.000,000 30.932,82 1.000,000 2.941 100,0

For which geographical area levels is the data available on?

Standard data formats

The data can be supplied in the following formats which allow easy loading to most database platforms:

  • Tab delimited file (TXT)
  • dBase (DBF)
  • Access database (MDB)
  • Excel (xls)

Standard GIS formats for our vector boundaries

For those using desktop GIS systems we can deliver as well the matching area boundaries.

  • Esri Shape file (.shp)
  • Esri Geodatabase (.gdb)
  • MapInfo (.tab)
  • MapInfo MIF/MID

Retail Turnover is available on municipalities, postcode and on small areas level in proven high quality. In the following selection you will receive an overview of our worldwide Retail Turnover data offering for the countries in the individual continents.

We have free sample (test) data available for most European countries. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or in the event that the data you are looking for is not listed here or if you need samples for any non-European country.