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HERE Real-Time Traffic provides two types of information:
→ Traffic flow data – speeds and congestion levels on the roadways, including predictive speeds
→ Incident data – including road closures, roadworks, collisions, broken-down vehicles and more

HERE Real-Time Traffic helps drivers reach their destinations efficiently and stress-free. It delivers up-to-the-minute information about traffic conditions and incidents that could cause delays, including slower than normal traffic flow, road works and accidents. Moreover, it enables the display of traffic conditions on highways or arterial roads and supports traffic-aware routing for optimal ETA calculations. To reflect real-world road conditions, the service aggregates and analyzes traffic data from an advanced mix of sources, including high quality connected car probes. HERE Real-Time Traffic is also the first service to incorporate vehicle sensor data. In more detail, sources include:

  • Probe data – vehicle sensor data
  • Fixed sensors
  • Government sources
  • Trillions of historical traffic records

Available in over 70 countries in Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa through XML and Traffic API.

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HERE Speed Data helps governments and transportation agencies & consulting firms make informed decisions about future traffic flow management and infrastructure management by using historical road traffic data.

The data enables deep insights into historic and comparative traffic flow and road network performance. Vehicle speed and analytic information is taken from a database of trillions of GPS probe data points. It enables customized traffic analysis through enterprise and government applications. Using speed data, organizations can accurately model the effect of planned changes on road networks and use robust statistical parameters to give realistic, actionable results. Planners can select the area, time span, and level of statistical detail to meet a wide range of specific analytical needs. Speed Data is available for both cars and trucks.

Available in over 70 countries in Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa delivered with HERE Essential Map, CSV report on TMC or HERE Link level.

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Historical traffic information

Average speed data for every road in the map database, each link and each TMC, provided in 15 minutes intervals, for each day of the week, based on a 3-years average of historical observations.


  • Speed information is provided in local time, in miles per hour and kilometers per hour
  • Includes seasonable patterns to reflect traffic variations through season and in holiday areas/times
  • Calculates accurate estimated time of arrival
  • Updated every year

Available in over 80 countries in Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

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