Digital Worldmap Global CRESTA Plus |
helps brokers and reinsurers assess and present natural hazard risk


Digital Worldmap Global CRESTA Plus |
helps brokers and reinsurers assess and present natural hazard risk


Global CRESTA Plus helps brokers and reinsurers assess and present natural hazard risk, based on the CRESTA zone system established by the world’s leading reinsurers. While peril-independent, CRESTA (Catastrophe Risk Evaluating and Standardising Target Accumulations) has established a uniform and global system to transfer, electronically, aggregated exposure data for accumulation risk control and modelling among insurers and reinsurers. Global CRESTA Plus is an essential spatial database for the management of CRESTA zones.

CRESTA was originally developed as a joint project of Swiss Reinsurance Company, Gerling-Konzern Globale Reinsurance Company and the Munich Reinsurance Company. Europa Technologies was part of the original team who brought the standard into the digital mapping era and has maintained a CRESTA zone map data product longer than any other vendor.

Insurance professionals need accurate and reliable maps and databases. In today’s times of climate change, demand has increased for the geospatial intelligence offered by digital mapping to manage risks and reduce exposure. Global CRESTA Plus offers insurers an important basis for aggregated risk assessment, exposure management and reinsurance negotiation & reporting.


Powered by Global CRESTA Plus, applications can be developed to allow users to search for policy location, establish the CRESTA zone and then analyse/present the aggregate risk across a portfolio. Applications can be further enhanced by adding a variety of natural hazard data sets such as earthquake locations, storm paths, meteorological, geological and insurance-specific statistical data.

In accordance with the published standard, Global CRESTA Plus is available in high and low resolution versions. Please note that both products are at the same scale and accuracy, but the high resolution version contains more granular zones which are generally required for catastrophe modelling applications using CRESTA zones.

Significantly, CRESTA is an evolving standard with countries being newly zoned or redefined periodically. A significant overhaul of the standard was made in 2013. With annual maintenance programme, featuring quarterly updates, Global CRESTA Plus keeps track of these developments and the ever-changing world in general.

Developed with Michael Bauer International, Global CRESTA Plus is an independent implementation of the global standard and is not affiliated to the CRESTA organisation or It is the only known product to implement the CRESTA zones standard in the context of a well-maintained, up-to-date, political map.

CRESTA zone ID look-ups are also available via an easy-to-use web based service called Risk Insight.


  • Comprehensive implementation of latest CRESTA zones
  • Includes Global Insight Plus base map
  • High and low resolution versions
  • Extensive places gazetteer
  • Maintenance programme available
  • Enterprise ready


  • Over 30% increase to over 1.2 million named places
  • New: MARPOL 73/78 protected marine area layers (inc. IMO Polar Code)
  • Earthquakes layer updated with events to date
  • Political updates, including all changes published by ISO and GENC
  • Updates to 1st and 2nd level administrative boundaries
  • Support for Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)
  • Time zones with updated DST for 2017/2018


Global CRESTA Plus consists of the following intermatching data layers:

  • Current political map, 1:1m scale [regions]
  • Current political map, 1:3m scale [regions]
  • Country reference [points]
  • Time zones [regions]
  • Coastlines [polylines]
  • International borders [polylines]
  • 1st level administrative borders [polylines]
  • 2nd level administrative borders [polylines]
  • 2nd level administrative regions [regions]
  • Places; 1.2m+ [points]
  • Alternative names [points]
  • Urban sprawls [regions]
  • Points of Interest (POI) [points]
  • Sea bathymetry [regions]
  • Ocean Features [polylines]
  • Drainage [regions, polylines & points]
  • Airports [points]
  • Ports [points]
  • Roads [polylines]
  • Railways [polylines]
  • National Parks [regions]
  • CRESTA zones regions [regions]
  • CRESTA zones label points [points]
  • CRESTA zone borders [polylines]


A number of useful backgrounds, grids and lines are also supplied in addition to flag images (GIF format) at two resolutions.

Global CRESTA Plus benefits by being part of the Expo Content Programme. Expo includes useful map layers, from Europa Technologies partners and selected third parties, covering a number of industries and subjects. Future releases will extend this bonus content offering.

Class Layer Description
Earth Science Earthquakes Earthquake events from January 1973 to release date, including magnitude.
Earth Science Plate Boundaries Global tectonic plate boundaries (ridge, trench & transform).
Political EEZ Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ).
Transportation Flights Global layer connecting departure/arrival airports for scheduled flights.


Global CRESTA Plus is available in the following data formats:

  • ESRI Shapefile
  • MapInfo TAB
  • MapInfo MIF/MID

Other major formats can be supported by special arrangement.


MB-International can tailor a package for Global CRESTA Plus to meet your specific needs.

Attractive licensing terms are available to organisations who wish to integrate Global CRESTA Plus into their own software products. Such applications are subject to a commercial agreement.

Global CRESTA Plus is provided subject to an End-User Licence Agreement (EULA).


In addition to the ever-changing world, the CRESTA standard has evolved and expanded in terms of countries covered. As it is usually essential for any professional organisation to keep their data assets up-to-date, MB-International offer a cost effective annual maintenance option.

Please contact our SALES TEAM to discuss your requirements or request a quotation.