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Kilometers of roadway

A street with traffic from above symbolizes the HERE Map Data.

High-quality street data

The HERE Map Suite is a reliable snapshot of the world that unlocks value by providing context and relevance for your data. It’s a detailed 2D geospatial representation of the world’s road networks, pathways, buildings, structures, places, land use and land cover across 200 countries. Containing up-to-date, consistent and globally aligned descriptions and characteristics of all geo-referenced features, the HERE Map Data Suite provides an unparalleled source of location data to build new applications or leverage the value of your own data.

From search, display, tracking, business intelligence and digital advertising to navigation, powering advanced safety systems and automated driving, HERE Map Content meets your every need. Build your own tailored interactive map with road segments, addresses, cartographic data, administrative areas and more. Using the HERE Location Platform, you can access additional specialized premium map data layers to further leverage and enrich the value of your own data. With the HERE Map Data Suite as a foundation, providing context and relevance for all things location, an infinite range of applications are made possible. The applications and use cases that are enabled stretch across multiple industries.

HERE Map Data Suite

The HERE Map Data Suite offers two complementary map tiers: HERE Essential Map and HERE Advanced Map — giving you the flexibility to select the map type that matches your application and business needs.


Attributes including street names, address ranges, administrative codes, cartographic features, land-use, building footprints and many others.

Use cases: basic map display, data visualization, search, localization and tracking and tracing.

HERE Advanced Map

All features included in Essential Map plus additional features and attributes for modeling road networks, such as navigable attributes, speed limits, sign text and the full set of places.

Use cases: point-to-point routing, turn-by-turn navigation, advanced navigation for cars and trucks, business intelligence, planning and optimization, and much more.


HERE Premium Content can be added to HERE Essential Map or HERE Advanced Map to improve and enhance your application.

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The detailed street maps from HERE are compatible with MBI’s globally consistent and comparable geodata for business-critical geospatial analysis. By combining both companies’ technologies and capabilities, we will provide a large variety of data and services. This allows companies to accelerate their business and generate new opportunities to stay ahead in this competitive market.


Comprehensive coverage, rich and detailed

Constantly updated and released weekly

One of the highest accuracy levels in the industry

Individual support

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