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Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Management with political Risk data


Then political stability and resilience are a real location advantage!

  • Poli­tical violence (war, terrorism, major unrest) can cause significant damage to companies in all sectors, unsettle investors and reduce the availability of qualified local workers
  • Corruption, protests, and strikes affect the efficiency of administrative institutions negatively and complicate market entry substantially
  • Strikes and blockades, but also attacks on critical infrastructure, can disrupt or even interrupt production, supply chain and lines of communication

Political violence does not appear from nowhere

The good news is: Political crises often announce themselves before an actual escalation and are therefore predictable. Moreover, conflicts are much more dynamic than we think, both in terms of escalation and de-escalation cycles as well as geographical spread and spillover. We identify in any country those areas, where the physical safety of employees as well as the entire supply chain network are at risk in the medium and the long-term. Our approach is based on our MBI CONIAS conflict and risk data, and on the grounds of reliable and well-tested research methods. The result is our product SURE (Subnational Resilience Index).

Site security through data-based solutions

Interdisciplinary, scientifically based and methodologically comprehensive approach

Your company is building a new global supplier network and wants to enter into medium- or long-term partnerships?

By taking into account all conflicts that are currently significant for the security situation in a region, we are able to make statements about

  • whether the potential supplier is located in a region that is continually stable or whether you have to deal with politically-induced disruptions or interruptions in production and delivery,
  • whether the business partner or your own production facilities can be safely reached for transport,
  • which parts of the country to consider for medium- and long-term strategic expansion of your production and supply chain network,
  • which parts of the country are currently and in the medium-term affected by political violence to such an extent that investments in this area should be avoided.

What characterizes the SURE data set?

Our unique, award-winning and constantly evolving approach to analysis combines a wealth of data with up-to-date evaluations and accurate calculations.

The Subnational Resilience (SURE) Index combines information on a country’s economic, political and demographic development – which are significant elements for long-term stability – in combination with the specific conflict experience of the individual subnational regions within the country.

The MBI CONIAS Risk Intelligence dataset on political instability is especially suited for all specialized digital geography applications. The basis is the data from MBI CONIAS on global political conflicts, which is also used by DAX companies in supplier evaluation.

Potential business applications for supply chain security data

  • Strategic planning of market entry
  • Selection of local suppliers
  • Ongoing evaluation of sites and suppliers
  • Search for alternative network partners and transport routes in the event of a crisis
  • Site selection and supply chain planning


Globally consistent and comparable data

Strict quality control

Individual consulting and support

Continuous updating

100 % GDPR compliant


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Geo Formats:
Esri Shapefile (.shp) | Esri Geodatabase (.gdb) | MapInfo (.tab) | MapInfo MIF/MID


Easy access to a variety of MBI data
• Datalink Desktop
• Datalink Rest API



Up to twelve updates (by calendar month) can be delivered in one year.

We evaluate locations worldwide and seamlessly

— scientifically and systematically, independently and on the basis of up-to-date, in-house collected data

Play it safe in purchasing!

You have a request from a supplier who wants to become part of your supplier network? You want to get an impression of the local political risks quickly and easily? You want comparable, independent, and reliable location assessments?

Get in touch with us today and optimize your risk and supply chain management – systematically, independent, and on the basis of up-to-date and in-house collected data.

Make Safety your location advantaGE!

You would like to apply to an international group as a supplier? Your location is in a stable part of the country, but negative media reports are always unsettling investors? You want to convince with an independent evaluation of the favorable political conditions on the ground?

Then contact us today and receive a free initial assessment from us – promptly, reliably and confidentially.

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