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Why does a company need political risk managers?

For important strategic corporate decisions, e.g., in the context of supply chain management or business development, there are experts for the assessment of various risks. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten to also weigh political risks appropriately, as there is no responsible unit for assessing political risks in the company. But of what use is a precise calculation of costs and possible returns if risks that could have a decisive influence on the success or failure of a decision are disregarded? Political risk managers are thus an important key to well-founded strategic decisions, which are preceded by a comprehensive risk assessment.

What is CONIAS and the MBI CONIAS Academy?

The MBI CONIAS Academy qualifies risk managers to deal with political risks. After completing our seminars, participants are able to use their specific knowledge of political risks to create transparency for their company and mitigate risks along the entire value and supply chain. The seminars are currently only available in German language. CONIAS Risk Intelligence is a division of Michael Bauer International GmbH, which specializes in risk management in the area of political conflicts. This includes the MBI CONIAS Academy and various data offerings on political risks.

The following aspects will be learned and deepened in a series of three modules. It is recommended to follow the module sequence, but interruptions are possible at any time:

Who can become a political risk manager?

It can be useful for very different professions and positions in a company to qualify as a political risk manager: CEOs and other decision makers, strategic buyers and marketing managers, country experts, business developers, underwriters, controllers, and anyone who wants to think outside the box.

Your path to becoming a Risk manager

Small group sizes for individualized learning

Best quality of learning content thanks to the trainer’s more than 20 years of experience

Unique learning atmosphere in the heart of Heidelberg

On request, exclusive, company-specific training courses can also be booked

Networking with other risk managers

Dr. Nicolas Schwank
Chief Data Scientist Political Risk

Learning from the expert

Dr. Nicolas Schwank is an internationally renowned conflict researcher and expert for analyzing and assessing political risks, development dynamics of political conflicts and shifts in internal and external security threats. After completing his doctorate at the University of Heidelberg, he has briefed and supported institutions like the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and the European Commission on early warning and crisis management. His analyses and commentaries have appeared in DER SPIEGEL, ZEIT online and the GEO Magazine, among others. As instructor of the CONIAS Academy, he shares his knowledge with aspiring political risk managers and risk analysts.

Module i

Introduction to the management of political risks with content-related and methodological BASICS

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic background to the development of political risks
  • Identify, assess and manage political risks by yourself
  • Communicate risks and create a willingness to act within the company

What’s included in the course:

  • 2 days attendance seminar
  • Lesson material and exercises
  • Sample data set
  • Writing material
  • Catering during the seminars
  • Certificate of completion „Political Risk Analyst”“

Price: €1,900 (net price excluding accommodation and other catering costs).

Course content:

  • How is political risk defined and why is the successful management of political risk becoming increasingly relevant? Introduction to holistic risk management.
  • How can political risks be identified, assessed and managed? Learn different approaches that will enable you to be a Political Risk Analyst for your company.
  • What are the concrete implications of political risks? Learn to assess the scope and likelihood of occurrence in a business, political, and social context.
  • Which compliance fields deal with political risk? We will show you key implications and requirements of the new Supply Chain Act for your company.

Module II


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand in-depth background on different types of political risks
  • Early detection, management, and communication of complex political risks
  • Become a country expert / Supply Chain Act expert / expert on intra/interstate conflicts

What’s included in the course:

  • 2 days attendance seminar
  • Lesson material and exercises
  • Sample data set
  • Writing material
  • Catering during the seminars
  • Certificate of completion „Political Risk Manager“ (if Module I has been completed)

Price: €1,900 (net price excluding accommodation and other catering costs).

Course content:

The world of political conflicts is complex and constantly changing. In view of the diversity of risks and associated issues, Module II is offered with different focus topics. Building on the basis of the introductory seminar Module I, you will be provided with specialized knowledge within the respective focal topics. The following focal topics can be selected:

  • Supply Chain Law: The German and European Supply Chain Act as a risk to corporate reputation (together with Funk Risk Consulting)
  • Intrastate conflicts: terrorism, kidnappings, roadblocks and other effects of diminishing state power – the risk of intrastate conflicts
  • Interstate conflicts: threats, trade barriers and sanctions – the economic impact of interstate conflicts
  • Country/regional focus: China as a system competitor? Will the great Asian power become the winner of the Ukraine war and thus the largest economic power?

Our selection of topics is constantly being developed and adapted to reflect the changing political world situation. Please contact us for information on the topics currently available. Completion of Module I and one Module II seminar is the minimum prerequisite for participation in Module III. We recommend attending two Module II events or more to build the strongest possible knowledge base for participating in Module III.

Module III

In-Depth analysis: Current political events

Key Learning Objectives:

  • In-depth analysis of one current political risk
  • Apply tools and methods to a concrete current case
  • Networking

What’s included in the course:

  • 1 day attendance seminar
  • Lesson material and exercises
  • Writing material
  • Catering during the seminars
  • Certificate of completion „Political Risk Management Expert“ (if Module I and II have been completed)

Price* Module III: €1,200

Price* Module III repetition: €900

* net price excluding accommodation and other catering costs

Course content:

Successful completion of Module I and II enables risk managers to manage common political risks. To build on this basic knowledge and skills, Module III focuses on in-depth analysis of current political conflict events. Since both the relevant political risks and the methods to deal with them are constantly changing, new insights in political risk management are essential to remain able to act. Therefore, in Module III, current and/or novel risks for your company are analyzed in detail based on the latest insights in political risk management.

  • You analyze a current political risk together with our respective country experts.
  • We teach you about new or improved indices for the analysis of political risks.
  • You will learn to apply tools and methods from Modules I to II to a current case.
  • Best Practice: Join established political risk analysts from academia, research as well as corporate risk consulting in discussion and exchange and build your network.
  • One-day event with evening get-together for networking across module years.

Module III can be repeated regularly for a reduced price in order to keep the knowledge of political risk management up to date. Upon repetition, it is possible to acquire the certificate as “Professional Political Risk Manager”

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Our guarantees to you

Guaranteed Small Group Size

Small course groups with 6 to 12 participants make it possible to focus on individual questions and use cases of the participants.

Guaranteed Quality

High quality learning content thanks to over 20 years of experience of the political risk expert. Should the seminar still not be what you expected, you can leave up to two hours after the seminar has started and receive a full refund of the course fee.

Guaranteed Benefit

Die Nutzengarantie garantiert einen Praxisnutzen unseres Seminars für das Topmanagement über politische Risiken, symbolisiert von den Werkzeugen auf dem Bild.

We guarantee that this is not a promotional event! If you feel like you have not been able to take away any added value from our seminar for your everyday professional life after six months, our benefit guarantee takes effect. In this case, you have the opportunity to take part in another of our seminars free of charge.

Guaranteed Cancellation Option

Von den politischen Risikoseminaren kann man jederzeit kostenlos zurücktreten - symbolisiert durch das Kreuz im Kalender auf dem Bild.

At seminars held in our premises in Heidelberg, you have the option to cancel free of charge at any time up to the day of the seminar without giving a reason. Your wish alone is sufficient as a justification. If you have already paid for the seminar, you will receive a refund.

Guaranteed Networking Opportunity

If you attend one of our seminars in Heidelberg (not an exclusive in-house seminar) you are guaranteed the opportunity to make valuable contacts with other risk managers and build a network. We are going to provide you with a list of contact details of all those who wish to stay in touch.


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