Map on Retail Focus Areas


The data on Retail Focus Areas enables you to analyze the location of your branches and competitor stores or points of sale in stationary retail on the basis of mobile geodata for most countries worldwide.

You can identify visitors at specific branches or points of sale (e.g. shops, shopping centres/zones) and make their movement patterns or whereabouts transparent over an extended period of time.

The map illustrates an example of a CATCHMENT AREA CALCULATION for a retailer in Wiesbaden, Germany. The black pin in the blue colored area represents the assumed catchment area of the retailer. Its actual catchment area is represented by the colored rectangles that were determined with MBI’s data based on mobile geodata. The red pins show the COMPETITORS, with the largest red pin being the most frequented competitor and therefore regional champion.

Since the focus in retail is on the customer, a detailed ANALYSIS OF CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR and the CUSTOMER JOURNEY are a decisive competitive advantage.

Many data products have already been created on the basis of the Global Retail Focus Areas and numerous questions can be answered. We are looking forward to your individual inquiry! Please contact our sales team directly!


MBI Purchasing Power Corona

Government restrictions on retail to contain COVID-19 have had a significant impact on retail sales worldwide. The developments of the past months have now been incorporated into MBI’s calculations and show significant effects on retail turnover, retail spending and retail centrality.
The impact of the pandemic on consumer spending is also evident in countries with few confirmed cases, such as Vietnam. Here, tourist areas in particular are economically affected due to restrictions on international travel.



Relates to the proportion of Purchasing Power of a certain area’s population that is available for spending in retail.


Measures the turnover of local retail trade at point of sale.


Describes the ability of an area to pin the Retail Spending of its population and of other areas’ population down to the local retail trade.

For more information on our RETAIL DATA, please contact our sales team!

Geodata Inc. is a new sales partner for global geodata for Central Eastern Europe


We are pleased to announce Geodata Inc., headquartered in Krakow, Poland now supports the distribution of our global geodata for Central Eastern Europe with their extensive experience in the financial and banking industry as an authorized partner.

The financial industry is in a state of upheaval and has to master challenges such as increasing competitive pressure, online and mobile banking as well as declining customer loyalty. Sales structures have to be revisited and service needs to be adapted to customer expectations. Global geodata support companies in the financial sector in designing their branch networks, offers and marketing activities in a customer-oriented manner.

Andreas Wenzel, Sales Director at MBI explains: “In the financial as well as any other industry, digital change requires strategic decisions to be made based on geospatial facts. With the extensive experience of Geodata Inc. in this space, we can expand the application of our global geodata in new business areas. We warmly welcome Geodata Inc. as a partner and look forward to a successful collaboration.”

More information on Geodata Inc.

WEBINAR – Reacting to Political Conflicts with Innovative Risk Management Solutions

Join us for a webinar together with our partner Geocom by VertiGIS about “Reacting to Political Conflicts with Innovative Risk Management Solutions”.

Register here to learn how to identify and mitigate political risks along the supply chain using SURE, a product of MBI’s CONIAS risk product portfolio, and the risk management solutions developed by Geocom.

Geocom, a MBI partner, offers risk management solutions that can map and analyze all processes within the supply chain based on various risk data. This creates the greatest possible transparency for precise decision making within your supply chain. The continuous monitoring allows predictive analytics and enables companies to act quickly and proactively.

CARTO joins the MBI partner network

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power for Bologna, Italy with CARTOframes and MBI Data


Number of Households for Osaka, Japan with CARTOframes and MBI Data


Karlsruhe, July 2nd, 2020: CARTO is now a reseller for MBI’s globally consistent and comparable geodata. In today’s rapidly changing economy, being able to access and analyze global high-quality spatial data is fundamental to organizations using location intelligence. With thousands of organizations adapting to the impact of the “new normal”, analysts in a wide range of industries need more data than ever to keep their finger on the pulse as consumer behavior evolves faster than ever before. 

Find out more about MBI’s partnership with CARTO in our press release…

WEBINAR – Political Conflicts And Their Impact On Your Business

Join us for a webinar together with HERE Technologies about “Political Conflicts And Their Impact On Your Business” for better decision making for your supply chain.

Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. War, terrorism and major unrest: For multinational and globally active companies, political risks rank among the most important challenges. Therefore, risk assessment is key, especially when it comes to strategic planning of site and supplier selection and evaluation.

Sign up here to learn about how CONIAS Risk Intelligence helps clients to understand the risks they’re facing, make reliable predictions and better informed decisions. In times of crisis, companies that invest in continuous monitoring of their partners and suppliers profit from larger resilience and sustainability. For optimal supply chain visibility HERE Technologies supports companies with its location services to plan and execute their strategy in a highly competitive market.

Updates 2020 – Global boundaries, purchasing power and socio-demographic data for Europe

MBI location planning


Karlsruhe, May 18th 2020: The focus of the 2020 release of the global boundaries was the development of new micro boundaries as well as the adaptation of the administrative and postal boundaries in compliance to the current area vintage. In line with this, the purchasing power and socio-demographic data for Europe have been updated based on the latest statistics.
As a dynamic product, geodata constantly change…

Find out more about MBI Updates in our press release…

WEBINAR – Sinus corona study, results and applicability in Marketing

For Germany, the Michael Bauer Micromarketing GmbH – part of the Michael Bauer Group – is giving a live webinar together with the Sinus Institute about the Sinus corona study, its results and their applicability in Marketing.

MAY 08th / 10.00 am to 11.00 am

The study researched the different perceptions of the risks from corona. MBM illustrated the results of the Sinus corona study by establishing the Sinus-Milieus® in micro geography and converting the findings of the study in a more visible format. This is resulting in a much better usage for further Marketing analysis. Save the date for this interesting live webinar and register here.

Esri User Conference 2020 – virtually this year

Esri is a very important partner to the Michael Bauer Group, who is a global provider of essential geospatial information for their ArcGIS Online. After participating for many years, we are of course sorry to hear that we won’t be able to join the EsriUC as an exhibitor this year. At the same time, we are looking forward to a new experience with a virtual conference and will gladly participate in the event online.

The power of MBI and HERE Data

In times of limited possibilities, companies have to think about different business approaches. The power of data can help your company to stay successful and competitive in times of crisis and at the same time react to customers’ needs. As HERE Technologies Distributor, MBI supports your company with all relevant data. Ranging from MBI data like area boundaries and sociodemographic data over purchasing power to mobile trace data and many more. Combined with HERE Technologies’ location services you can generate powerful tools to support your company’s planning, whether it is on-site or online.

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