Updates 2020 – Global boundaries, purchasing power and socio-demographic data for Europe

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Karlsruhe, May 18th 2020: The focus of the 2020 release of the global boundaries was the development of new micro boundaries as well as the adaptation of the administrative and postal boundaries in compliance to the current area vintage. In line with this, the purchasing power and socio-demographic data for Europe have been updated based on the latest statistics.
As a dynamic product, geodata constantly change…

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WEBINAR – Sinus corona study, results and applicability in Marketing

For Germany, the Michael Bauer Micromarketing GmbH – part of the Michael Bauer Group – is giving a live webinar together with the Sinus Institute about the Sinus corona study, its results and their applicability in Marketing.

MAY 08th / 10.00 am to 11.00 am

The study researched the different perceptions of the risks from corona. MBM illustrated the results of the Sinus corona study by establishing the Sinus-Milieus® in micro geography and converting the findings of the study in a more visible format. This is resulting in a much better usage for further Marketing analysis. Save the date for this interesting live webinar and register here.

Esri User Conference 2020 – virtually this year

Esri is a very important partner to the Michael Bauer Group, who is a global provider of essential geospatial information for their ArcGIS Online. After participating for many years, we are of course sorry to hear that we won’t be able to join the EsriUC as an exhibitor this year. At the same time, we are looking forward to a new experience with a virtual conference and will gladly participate in the event online.

The power of MBI and HERE Data

In times of limited possibilities, companies have to think about different business approaches. The power of data can help your company to stay successful and competitive in times of crisis and at the same time react to customers’ needs. As HERE Technologies Distributor, MBI supports your company with all relevant data. Ranging from MBI data like area boundaries and sociodemographic data over purchasing power to mobile trace data and many more. Combined with HERE Technologies’ location services you can generate powerful tools to support your company’s planning, whether it is on-site or online.

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Since April 2020 Carina Ziegelmüller and Jessica Hablowetz support our MBI team in Karlsruhe

Our team is continuing to grow… we are pleased to introduce two new team members

At the beginning of the year, MBI was appointed as one of the first HERE distributors to support and grow HERE partners network.
We are glad that we were able to get Carina Ziegelmüller on board to take on the role of Global Senior Partner Manager. As of now, Carina will be part of our team to ensure our partners are provided with optimal support and get assistance for their projects.

Carina Ziegelmüller has years of experience in partner sales within the technology & GIS sector and proficient knowledge in products from HERE Technologies, a worldwide leading provider of digital maps and location-based platform services.

After working in Germany, her career path led her to Melbourne, Australia, where she established and expanded the reseller business in the IoT sector as Senior Partner Manager for the APAC region. Furthermore, she focused on the expansion of the Solution partner business in Australia / New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Continuing her work based out of Singapore, she was responsible for the Southeast Asia region. In this position she expanded the Solution partner business for the entire HERE product portfolio in the public sector as well as the areas of Transport / Logistics and Insurance.   

Due to Carina’s long-time expertise in the industry, our partners can rely on her experience whether it’s HERE Technologies or the MBI data portfolio. Best of both worlds will enable our partners and customers to keep succeeding in this highly competitive market.

With all this going on, we are just as happy to welcome Jessica Hablowetz who joined MBI as Marketing Manager. Jessica`s experience in social media and graphics design will play a decisive role in our overall content marketing strategy moving forward. She recently graduated from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences with a Master of Science degree in International Management. Due to the growing requirements in our Marketing strategy, we are grateful for her support.

We wish our new colleagues well and are looking forward to common challenges.


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Michael Bauer International GmbH (MBI) appointed as one of the first HERE Distributors

Karlsruhe – HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform services, has signed a distributorship agreement with MBI, one of the largest international data providers with its headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany. This extends the long-running partnership over the last 10 years between the companies with MBI as one of the fastest growing HERE partners.

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Karlsruhe, March 2nd, 2020:  Michael Bauer International GmbH (MBI) created a new product to analyze the online-shopping activity and affinity of an area.

woman with online-shopping affinity

Over and above the standard MBI data offering of socio-economic data which enabling the identification of areas with high population or purchasing power, the company has developed an additional product, named Online-Shopping Affinity. The Online-Shopping Affinity is an index, which is currently available for over 80 countries. This can be used to identify target groups with a high affinity for online-shopping and is also perfect for the analysis of digital awareness e.g. car sharing, e-mobility and electronics.
The data is currently used in many different business applications: in retail e-commerce to identify target groups for online-shopping, in advertising to identify geofencing areas for online shopping, in logistics to optimize delivery networks and streaming services to access market potential for expansion.

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MBI is HERE distributor

As of the 1st of January, 2020 MBI is one of the first distributors of HERE products.

HERE is offering the world’s best maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems.


Karlsruhe, July 26, 2019: MB-International extends its global data offering by Global Daytime Population indicators. Now companies can get information about the size of population that is present in a given area during the day.

Mr. Roberts-York, Managing Director of Michael Bauer International says: “This new indicator for consumer base is significant for planners in retail, insurances, advertising, marketing and site location planning. It gives a better representation of where people are located during an average day.”

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Global Updates: Postcode Boundary Maps and Administrative Area Maps

area_boundaries-postcode boundary maps-administrative area maps-small area maps

Karlsruhe, June 21, 2019: The latest release 2019 of MB-International’s global area boundaries comes with numerous territorial changes. Especially on the African continent but also in Asia, Europe and North America.

Every year there are several changes at postal and administrative area levels. The new released boundary update now contains all revisions. Companies can use the current data in many different aspects of business applications for example in Geomarketing, Social Media Marketing or Business Intelligence.

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