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De-risking with Political Risk Reports 2023

Are You Ready for De-Risking?

As globalization continues, political conflicts are on the rise worldwide. It is becoming increasingly clear that companies must actively manage the security of their supply chains if they want to protect their production and, in turn, their customer relationships. Recently, the term “de-risking” has been coined to describe measures to minimize the risks of such dependencies on foreign markets. These include:

  • Breaking out of elementary dependencies
  • Supply chain diversification
  • Further analysis of country political risks
  • Developing scenarios and options for action
  • Effective and close monitoring of country risks
  • Adjustment of scenarios

How the 2023 Political Risk Reports will help you:

With the new country risk reports…

  • you receive information about future developments that are already identifiable today,
  • you can develop measures and strategies to stay ahead of the market and take advantage of opportunities,
  • you lay the foundation for identifying, analyzing, and preparing relevant information to help your organization continuously monitor, assess, and prepare for political risk.

De-Risking Made Easy with Tools Provided by the Risk Reports

Cover of the risk reports with political risk scenarios for China

The Political Risk Reports are your easy entry into your own monitoring of political risks. The 30- to 50-page reports focus on the political conflicts of the respective country and their impact on political risks in the following dimensions:

  • Political Stability and Security
  • Geopolitical Context
  • Market Openness
  • Social Cohesion and Labor Market
  • Human Rights
  • Environment and Sustainability

Additional product modules and updates can be added on a monthly or quarterly basis. You can currently request the following countries as examples:

  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Indonesia

Each report has its own country focus, but all reports are structured according to the same scheme. This means that individual countries can be easily compared with each other. Each report uses the same tools, which are briefly described below.

Conflict Radar: the Whole Country at a Glance

  • The conflict radar shows which political conflicts currently require special attention
  • At the same time, you can see at a glance which conflicts and risks are on the horizon in order to manage risks for your company proactively
  • This is a snapshot based on current knowledge and current expectations as an overview. More information explaining the conflicts on the radar can be found in the report.
The conflict radar is a tool of the risk reports and classifies conflicts into the dimensions of action, precaution and observation.
Finely divided map of politically motivated violence assists in de-risking.

Maps: Geographical Classification of Conflicts

  • The map shown here, for example, reveals where the hotspots of violence are located
  • Violence observed in the last 12 months is displayed
  • The map shows violence at a granular, sub-national level, so you can see which regions of the target country are at low or high risk
  • The map show violence at a granular, sub-national level, allowing you to differentiate which regions of the target country are at low or high risk

Overview Tables: Political Risks for all Conflicts Covered

The summary tables at the end of the chapters show the main conflicts, drivers and resulting political risks for each segment considered. The “driver” column lists actions that could be taken by actors and other events that could occur or are currently being observed.

An overview table of political risks from a country risk report.
Sample text from the Political Risk Report Turkey.

Texts: Well-Founded and Understandable

The texts, written by renowned country experts, are well researched and substantiated as well as simple and understandable. They explain in more detail the risks presented in the table and provide background information. As a result, you learn more about the important players and their further options of action.

Scenario graphics: with Implications and Recommended Actions

For each report, three scenarios are presented that build on the previous analysis and represent more complex risk situations and their possible evolution. Companies and other potential users can compare the development steps with reality and determine the probability of occurrence. Practical recommendations are provided on how to manage and mitigate the risks.

Summary chart from a political risk report on de-risking.

Your Fields of Application

  • Can I send employees to certain countries or regions?
  • Are my investments in certain countries threatened by political upheavals and the resulting withdrawal of subsidies?
  • Are my suppliers’ production facilities or inventories threatened by wars or war-like situations?
  • Is the supply chain at risk due to international conflict and disruption of trade and transportation?
  • Is my company protected from reputational damage?

Enrich Your Risk Reports & Stay up to Date

We take special care to keep our reports up to date so that you can make well-informed decisions. But even the most up-to-date report can only be a snapshot, based on current knowledge and expectations. Political constellations can change overnight, which is why continuous monitoring is so important.

For this end, we offer various options for updating and upgrading the reports. Unlock the full potential of our Political Risk Reports with our enriched data sets, available at the subnational level. Our Excel format data includes additional information such as the probability of occurrence and gets updated on a regular basis, empowering you to make data-driven decisions. Enrich your risk analysis, enhance strategic planning, and stay proactive in the face of evolving political landscapes. With our enriched data, you have the tools to navigate uncertainties effectively.

Enriched Excel sheet with political Risk Data including probability of occurrence.

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