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Milestones and Moments: MBI’s Pinnacle Moments in 2023

As we embark on the promising journey that is 2024, it’s the perfect time to reflect on a year filled with exciting opportunities, invaluable industry insights, and the forging of meaningful connections. Throughout the past year, MBI has been actively engaged in a multitude of events and conferences, solidifying our unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Join us as we begin the new year by revisiting the highlights that defined our remarkable journey through the events that shaped the landscape of 2023:

Innovate to Elevate: MBI at the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Summit in Amsterdam

We kicked off the year at the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Summit in Amsterdam, where we showcased our extensive portfolio of globally consistent and comparable geographic, market and risk data as well as our HERE Technologies Distribution portfolio for supply chain use cases. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our products and services and to discuss how we can support clients and partners in optimizing their supply chain and logistics operations.

Innovate to Elevate: MBI at the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Summit in Amsterdam 2023

Future-Forward Logistics at LogiMAT & Transport Logistic

Having recognized the importance of staying on the cutting edge of logistics trends, we attended LogiMAT in Stuttgart as well as Transport Logistic in Munich. We had a great time immersing ourselves in the latest innovations and meeting several of our HERE Technologies solution partners, who were exhibiting their latest advancements. Both events allowed us to gain valuable insights that will undoubtedly shape our future endeavors.

Our Head of Location Services Carina Ziegelmüller with various HERE solutions partners at Transport Logistic in Munich 2023

Championing Safety: Discussing Modern Risk Management at Safe Transport Day Poland

As an exhibitor and speaker at Safe Transport Day Poland, we actively contributed to discussions on ensuring the safety and security of transport systems. Discussing modern risk management on stage was a great opportunity to explore how our data can enhance safety and efficiency in the transportation industry. Our engagement underscored our commitment to promoting best practices in transportation safety, making meaningful contributions to the industry.

Presentation about modern risk management at Safe Transport Day in Poland 2023

Mapping the Future: Our Yearly Visit to the Esri User Conference in San Diego

Esri UC is a remarkable gathering of GIS professionals and enthusiasts from around the world, and for years, it has been a constant in our schedules, solidifying our commitment to the GIS community and reflecting the long-standing relationship we have with Esri. Participating as an exhibitor at the Esri UC in San Diego gave us an incredible opportunity to share our passion for leveraging geographic, market and risk data to drive informed decision-making on a global scale. What an honor it was to have Jack Dangermond, President of Esri, exploring our newest data product, MBI Risk Indicators, showcased in the map gallery. Engaging with GIS professionals and enthusiasts, we explored ways to pave the way for a future of innovative geospatial solutions!

Jack Dangermond, President of Esri, taking a picture of a map showcasing our newest data product MBI Risk Indicators in the Map Gallery at Esri UC 2023

Insights from NUFAM

Dr. Jürgen Stausberg, Managing Director at our partner Satlog at his booth at NUFAM, showcasing his solution featuring HERE Location Services

Attending NUFAM in Karlsruhe provided us with valuable insights into the commercial vehicle sector. This event served as a platform for us to stay informed about the latest advancements in the field, helping us tailor our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. As an additional benefit, it was great to meet some of our partners there!

Synergies Unleashed at the Logistics Summit in Düsseldorf with HERE Technologies

Collaborating with our long-standing partner HERE Technologies at the Logistics Summit in Düsseldorf, we explored the future of logistics. Our joint booth showcased our extensive portfolios, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and opening new avenues for collaborative projects. In addition, many inspiring panel discussions and masterclasses provided a great opportunity to learn about the dynamic world of logistics. A delightful highlight was the inclusion of a frozen yogurt stand at our booth, adding a sweet touch to our engaging conversations and creating a memorable experience for our visitors.

Our partner booth together with HERE Technologies at Logistics Summit 2023 in Düsseldorf

Spatial Data Science Conference: MBI Exhibits at CARTO SDSC in New York

Reflecting on our participation in CARTO SDSC in New York, we are thrilled to revisit the successful event where we showcased our global portfolio of geographic, market, and risk data alongside our HERE Technologies Distribution. As returning exhibitors, we had the privilege of engaging with industry leaders, exploring groundbreaking applications of location intelligence, and reinforcing our commitment to staying at the forefront of spatial data science. A highlight of the event was our Managing Director, Ray Roberts-York, taking the stage as a distinguished speaker, contributing to the thought-provoking panel discussion about geospatial careers, sharing his insights and expertise with a global audience.

Our Managing Director Ray Roberts-York and Sales Director Andreas Wenzel together with Javier de la Torre, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at CARTO at the CARTO SDSC in New York 2023

MBI awarded as HERE Distributor of the Year 2023 at HERE Directions in Prague

Participating as an exhibitor at HERE Directions was a proud moment for us. We were honored to receive the prestigious title of “Global Distributor of the Year 2023” from HERE Technologies, underscoring our dedication to excellence and strong relationships. In addition, the event featured our Managing Director, Ray Roberts-York, in a captivating panel talk on successful partnerships, highlighting the value of collaboration in our dynamic industry. As we connected with peers and industry leaders, we were reminded of the power of networking and building strong relationships. HERE Directions provided invaluable insights into industry trends and emerging technologies, leaving us excited to continue our journey of collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

The MBI Team receiving the award for "HERE Distributor of the Year 2023" from John Ramieri, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at HERE Technologies

Risk and Resilience: MBI Speaks at ConnectChains

Our participation at ConnectChains Humanitarian Supply Chain Conference 2023 was a meaningful engagement where we explored the critical intersection of logistics and risk management. Our Chief Data Scientist for Political Risk, Dr. Nicolas Schwank, had the privilege of contributing expertise on predicting crises through data analytics, adding valuable insights to the dialogue on leveraging data for a more resilient and responsive supply chain. Grateful for the networking opportunities and knowledge exchange, we look forward to continued collaboration and innovation in this vital space.

Our Chief Data Scientist for Political Risk, Dr. Nicolas Schwank, talking about predicting crises through data analytics at the ConnectChains Humanitarian Supply Chain Conference 2023

As we look back on a year filled with meaningful engagements and collaborations, we’re energized and inspired for the journey ahead. These events have not only expanded our horizons but have also reinforced our commitment. Here’s to another year of innovation, collaboration, and continued success!


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