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Michael Bauer International Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation and Excellence in Geospatial Data

Karlsruhe, May 08th 2024: Michael Bauer International (MBI), a leading provider of global geographic, market and risk data, proudly commemorates its 15th anniversary, celebrating a remarkable journey of innovation, growth, and steadfast dedication to providing unparalleled global data made in Germany.

Founded in May 2009 in Karlsruhe, Germany, MBI has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking accurate and actionable location-based insights. Over the past decade and a half, MBI has achieved numerous milestones that have solidified its position in the market.

Forging Strategic Partnerships and Enhancing Capabilities

In 2010, the company released its first global boundary data sets, marking the beginning of its commitment to providing high-quality geospatial data and setting the stage for its future success. Subsequent years saw MBI forge strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Nokia/NAVTEQ (now HERE Technologies), Pitney Bowes (now Precisely), IHS Markit (now S&P Global), and Europa Technologies, further enhancing its capabilities and reach and cementing its position as a preferred global data provider.

Fostering Innovation and Diversifying MBI’s Product Portfolio

As the company continued to grow, it prioritized strategic investments in its infrastructure and team. In 2014, MBI relocated its headquarters to larger offices, tailored to accommodate its growing team. The subsequent year marked a significant milestone with the release of the first global segmentation for Global Consumer Styles, further enhancing MBI’s data offerings.

In the following years, MBI continued to evolve and expand its product portfolio, introducing new data solutions. In 2016, MBI expanded its development team and launched MBI Geocoder, a powerful tool for geocoding and reverse geocoding. This was followed by the release of its first global online shopping data with Online Affinity in 2017. In 2019, MBI again expanded its team to process global mobile data and launched MBI Daytime Population data, enabling its customers to make even more informed decisions.

Navigating Challenges: Resilience and Adaptability Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, MBI has demonstrated its resilience and adaptability, successfully transitioning to remote work arrangements and continuing to deliver high-quality products and services to its clients, ensuring minimal disruptions to its operations.

In the midst of adversity, MBI emerged stronger and was appointed as one of the first global HERE Technologies distributors as well as acquiring CONIAS Risk Intelligence, expanding its portfolio to include global political risk data and an academy in Heidelberg, Germany.

Groundbreaking Products and Continued Innovation

Building on its legacy of innovation, MBI launched several groundbreaking products in 2023, including MBI Trends, MBI Unemployment Data, MBI Risk Indicators, and MBI Risk Reports, underscoring its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its clients.

Reflecting on the past 15 years, Managing Director Ray Roberts-York remarks, “Our journey has been nothing short of amazing. From humble beginnings to becoming a recognized global brand, our passion for quality, innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction have been the driving forces behind our success. But all of this would not have been possible without our incredible team, who have helped us gain the trust and loyalty of our partners and clients. On this milestone occasion, I extend my sincere gratitude to every member of our team and our valued partners. These partnerships are not just business transactions – they are the foundation upon which our success is built. We are incredibly proud of the many long-standing partnerships and friendships we have built along the way.”

Commitment to Long-Standing Partnerships and Excellence

Throughout its 15-year history, MBI has been proud to maintain long-standing partnerships as well as relationships with employees, boasting close to zero turnover – a testament to its positive work culture and commitment to excellence. This steadfast dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of MBI’s success.

Andreas Wenzel, Sales Director at MBI, expressed his sentiment on the company’s achievements, saying, “Over the years, I’ve been inspired by the depth of connections we’ve cultivated with our clients and partners. These relationships have evolved into meaningful, long-term partnerships based on mutual respect and shared goals. We’ve not only successfully supported numerous clients and partners, but we’ve also driven forward new, innovative data products and partnerships with a focus on global coverage. At MBI, we understand that success is not just about individual achievements but about the strength of our teamwork and the depth of our partnerships.”

As MBI celebrates 15 years of innovation, the company remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, driving growth, and delivering unparalleled value to its clients worldwide.


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