Consumers from different countries are looking at different product groups in order to use their purchasing power for some of them.


Consumer Spending by Product Groups and Services is available for the following countries and regional levels:

  • Albania (Rhete, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Austria (Gemeinden, Zählsprengel, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Belarus (Raions)
  • Belgium (Communes, Secteurs Statistiques, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Opstine, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Bulgaria (Obshtini, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Croatia (Opcine, Settlements, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Cyprus (Dimoi, consolidated 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Czech Republic (Obce, Basic Settlements Units, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Denmark (Kommuner, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Estonia (Vallad)
  • Finland (Kunnat, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • France (Communes, Iris, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Germany (Gemeinden, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Greece (Dimoi, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Hungary (Települések, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Iceland (Sveitarfelog, 3-digit Postcodes)
  • Ireland (Wards/DEDs, Small Areas)
  • Italy (Comuni, Census Areas, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Latvia (Novads)
  • Liechtenstein (Gemeinden, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Lithuania (Savivaldybés)
  • Luxembourg (Communes, consolidated 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Macedonia (Opshtini, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Malta (Local Councils, 3-digit Postcodes)
  • Moldova (Raioane, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Montenegro (Opstine, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Netherlands (Gemeenten, Buurten, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Norway (Kommuner, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Poland (Gminy/Miasta, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Portugal (Freguesias, Census Sections, Census Subsections, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Romania (Comune, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Russia (Raioni, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Serbia (Opstine, Census Areas, 2-digit Postcodes)
  • Slovakia (Obce, Basic Settlement Units, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Slovenia (Obcine, Naselja (Settlements), 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Spain (Municipios, Census Sections, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Sweden (Kommuner, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Switzerland (Gemeinden, 6-digit Postcodes, 4-digit Postcodes)
  • Turkey (Ilce, Mahalle and Settlements, 2-digit Postcodes, 5-digit Postcodes)
  • Ukraine (Raioni, 3-digit Postcodes)
  • United Kingdom (Districts, Census Output Areas, Postcode Sectors)

Non-european countries can be delivered on request. Most of our other data products are standardly available for Europe | North America | South America | Asia | Oceania | Africa.


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