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Michael Bauer International GmbH launches “MBI Trends” analyzing changes and developments in population, purchasing power and consumer spending data

The table shows sample data for Barcelona. The MBI trends shown there indicate whether purchasing power and population are rising, staying the same or falling in certain postcode areas.

Karlsruhe, May 16th 2023: Michael Bauer International GmbH (MBI), a leading provider of geographic, market and risk data, just announced the launch of their new data product, “MBI Trends.” This new offering is a valuable add-on to MBI’s population and purchasing power data as well as consumer spending by product groups and provides businesses with the ability to analyze changes and trends.

MBI Trends offers critical insights into whether key figures have strongly increased, moderately increased, remained unchanged, moderately decreased, or strongly decreased compared to the last MBI data update. By observing these trends, businesses can gain an understanding of how the market is evolving and identify opportunities for growth.

More information is available in our press release…


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