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MBI Data & HERE Technologies Location Services in Alteryx

Routing in data analytics platform Alteryx

Solution Partner casaGeo provides specialized Geomarketing solution for data analytics platform Alteryx

Data analytics is becoming more important every day – especially in retail. It can help businesses to understand customer behavior, perform expansion planning and also making sense of it by combining it with location data.

At MBI we are supporting Solution Partners in the retail industry by providing a broad variety of data. Our long-standing partner casaGeo not only combines the MBI Portfolio but leverages HERE Technologies Location Services to provide specialized solutions for data analytics.

With CasaGeoSpatial, a specialized solution for the data analytics platform Alteryx, casaGeo helps companies with Geomarketing analyses. The tool supports address cleansing, visualization, location analysis, catchment area analysis and expansion planning. For the location intelligence part, casaGeo integrated the HERE Location Services Map, Geocoding and Search, Routing as well as Waypoints Sequence to provide fast and detailed results.

CasaGeo has been using and recommending HERE Technologies to their customers for several years. As to why, Dr. Werner Kiehn, Founder and Managing Director at casaGeo explains: “HERE provides great data quality in general, provides fresh maps with global coverage, gives the ability to process huge amounts of data and provides efficient features such as Isoline Routing and Point of Interest information.”

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