MBI – Supplier and Manufacturer of Worldwide Geodata

logoMB_NEU_kompakt1From choosing the next retail site to predicting future turnover, demographic data can help you make more profitable business decisions. We are a global data provider, which offers rich socio-demographic and purchasing power databases for customer acquisition and market analysis. When combined with the postcode (ZIP) and administrative boundary data it helps you anticipate customer needs and position your organization for greater success. Our data offering is rounded off with our global street level maps in different granularity and scales, traffic counts, Points of Interest and geocoding services.

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In the following selection you will receive an overview of our worldwide data offering for the countries in the individual continents.

We have free sample (test) data available for most European countries. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or in the event that the data you are looking for is not listed here or if you need samples for any non-European country.

For use in a GIS (geographical information system) we can provide you the digital area boundaries in almost all standard formats e.g. *.tab for MapInfo Professional or shape (*.shp) for ESRI ArcGis and ArcView.

On request we can also provide area boundaries for Google Earth (KML) and PostGis. When and if desired we can combine the demographic data directly to the matching digital boundaries, enabling one to import the data into the system without the need for additional steps or tedious matching.