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SENSONEO is redefining the way waste is managed.

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What it is about: Business Analytics, Analytical CRM, Alterix, Geomarketing

Industry: Retail

What they do: CasaGeo has been an MBI Partner for several years. CasaGeoSpatial is a specialized solution for the data analytics platform Alteryx, which helps companies with Geomarketing analyses.

Why they use HERE: fresh maps, global coverage, scalable solution


Data analytics is becoming more important — especially in retail. One challenge, for example, is to find the right location for business expansion with given KPIs. For this purpose, different sets of data are combined. Running different scenarios, the results provide the basis for further decision-making.

Especially for expansion planning it’s important to  understand customer behavior, understand purchasing power or consumer spending. Most importantly, to bring this information into geographical context by combining it with location data.


CasaGeoSpatial supports address cleansing (via HERE Geocoder), visualization and location analysis through catchment area calculations. In this case HERE Isoline Routing helps to draw a catchment area either by time or distance. For example, calculation of location networks for warehouses or defining food delivery zones.

CasaGeo has been using and recommending HERE Technologies to their customers for several years. As to why, Dr. Kiehn, Founder and Managing Director at CasaGeo explains: “HERE provides great data quality in general, provides fresh maps with global coverage, gives the ability to process huge amounts of data and provides efficient features such as Isoline Routing and Point of Interest information.”

What it is about: Telematics Solutions

Industries: Transports & Logistics

What they do: SATLOG provides tailored software for small and middle-sized fleets to optimize their processes from planning to delivery.

Why they use HERE: truck attributes & traffic information, scalable solution, precise planning possible


SATLOG’s challenge is to bring more transparency into the delivery process. SATLOG has identified that due to the lack of a breakdown of the absolute transport costs into individual tours, unloading processes or customer stops, companies are often unaware of cost reduction potential in their fleet. Therefore, they have developed a new telematics solution to identify areas for cost reductions and to implement digitalization in the fleet.


In order to improve the efficiency of the entire fleet, an electronic workflow enables documentation and makes processes measurable. This opens up the possibility for deriving suitable optimization measures. Delivery windows were often defined once and then neither revised nor adapted to customer specifics. The SATLOG Telematics Solution helps to measure, for example, the kilometers driven and how many stops and locations a driver accomplished via integrated truck telematics.

For planning purposes, SATLOG leverages HERE Tour Planning, HERE Routing for optimization to increase capacity utilization or to avoid many detours or empty runs. HERE Traffic Information and HERE Truck Routing is helpful to define those time windows and react in case of unexpected traffic incidents. As a result, uncertainties about remaining driving time, estimated time of arrival and idle times at the customer are eliminated.

Dr Stausberg, owner of SATLOG, mentioned that it’s utmost important to work holistically with everyone in the process, starting from the managing director to the truck driver. To analyze their needs to eventually provide the best solution. Having everyone on board is also helping to digitize and improve those processes much faster.

What it is about: Waste Monitoring, Asset Management, Smart Sensors

Industry: Transports & Logistics, Waste Management

What they do: Sensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses.

Why they use HERE: efficient automation of waste collection routes and truck navigation


Sensoneo’s routing challenge is to automate the management of waste collection routes, based on precise pre-defined data regarding waste collection vehicles, depots, and incineration sides. The aim is that every single waste collection route is planned to maximize the utilization of their customers resources (fleet, FTEs, time) and to minimize the costs needed to perform the job.


Sensoneo provides a waste management solution which helps to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle. Through its unique smart waste management technology, Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed.

The Introduction of the Route Planning solution results in fewer kilometers driven per kilogram of collected waste and the full utilization of vehicle capacity and time. More efficient routes help minimize the negative impacts of waste collection in the city with less noise pollution, less air pollution and fewer traffic congestions.

Sensoneo Route Planning Solution leverage HERE Matrix Routing, which helps to optimize and automate planning of waste collection routes. It combines the Smart Waste Management System, Driver Navigation App based on HERE SDK, and it can incorporate data from Smart Sensors and/or Smart Tags.

What it is about: Navigation App

Industry: Travel Navigation

What they do: Touch Media has developed a unique navigation app that guides tourists along Route 66 and provides comprehensive services.

Why they use HERE: HERE provides the most comprehensive portfolio of services and products that meet our requirements – solutions that we can customize the way we need to.

Products used: HERE SDK (for iOS & Android) + Custom Location Extension (BYOD = Bring your own Data)


Until now, no solution has been able to navigate a traveler along a predefined route, such as Route 66. Conventional navigation solutions calculate the fastest route – a highway route. In 2017, Touch Media, aimed to change exactly that. When looking for a supplier of a suitable navigation SDK for the Route 66 Navigation app, there were two essential requirements: Navigation has to work offline and at the same time the user must be able to navigate a predetermined route. Marian Pavel, CEO of Touch Media, remembers: “With great surprise, we found that both of our requirements were a problem for several key navigation solution suppliers in 2017”


“After discussions with various global suppliers of navigation solutions, we have concluded that HERE Technologies provides the most comprehensive portfolio of services and products that meet our requirements. Although sometimes integrating HERE solutions into our products is not entirely easy, it still provides solutions that we can customize the way we need to”, says Pavel. The HERE Navigate SDK used by Touch Media allows you to develop true offline navigation. Additionally, in online mode, traffic services provide an overview of congestion and upcoming travel time.

Why did Touch Media choose MBI as HERE Technologies distributor? Marian Pavel explains: “We greatly appreciate an active personal approach and flexibility in dealing with our requirements at MBI. In developing our application, we need a partner whom we can contact with questions and who is also helpful in solving any problems. We found that in MBI.”

What it is about: smart carpooling solution

Industry: Urban Mobility

What they do: Schwarz Mobility Solutions GmbH arranges carpooling opportunities automatically, efficiently and precisely with the app twogo.

Why they use HERE: HERE provides twogo with the widest range of different geopositioning and routing interfaces from a single source.


Twogo has the mission to help its users to make daily commuting more sustainable and relieve the surrounding infrastructure as well as the parking situation at company locations and in cities. The aim is to satisfy users from all industries and sectors including companies, municipalities and event organizers, but also schools as well as clinics.


HERE provides twogo with the widest range of different geopositioning and routing interfaces from a single source, allowing twogo to cover most use cases with one partner. This significantly reduces the complexity of development. HERE’s location services enable intelligent route calculation in the app to arrange as many carpools as possible with the least detour. Using historical traffic data, a realistic arrival time is calculated. To auto-complete the address entry as well as determine the address when using location determination, twogo uses HERE Geocoding & Search API.

During their long and trustful partnership, MBI continuously informs Schwarz Mobility Solutions GmbH in workshops and consulting sessions about current trends in location intelligence as well as products from the HERE portfolio. As an experienced partner, MBI continuously assists with support questions as well as the implementation and integration of new functionalities.


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