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Dealing with the challenges of the German Supply Chain Act

Seminar room of the MBI CONIAS Academy for Political Risk in Heidelberg, Germany

Karlsruhe, January 12th 2023: The Supply Chain Act obliges companies above a certain size to better meet their responsibilities in the supply chain with regard to respecting internationally recognized human rights.

Failure to comply with the requirements for social and ecological minimum standards within the supply chain could result in sales losses, fines, exclusion from federal procurement procedures and, last but not least, reputational damage.

Increased importance of transparency and risk management along the supply chain

Our new MBI CONIAS Academy in the heart of Heidelberg’s old town qualifies risk analysts and managers to deal with challenges in the context of political risks. With MBI CONIAS Risk Intelligence, risks can be identified, evaluated and appropriate countermeasures can be taken. Risks can be reduced or avoided altogether through methodologically sound risk assessment and adequately coordinated catalogs of measures. After completing our seminars, the participants are able to use their special knowledge of political risks to create transparency and minimize risks. Nicolas Schwank, Chief Data Scientist Political Risk at MBI, says about the MBI CONIAS Academy: “The unique mix of scientific backgrounds, presentation options of complex topics for better knowledge transfer to employees and customers, and the communication of response options are the basis of political risk management, which is not taught by anyone else in this way”.

Focus on content-related and methodical basics

In a total of three modules, basic knowledge, more in-depth knowledge and its application as well as current findings are developed and deepened. The first module focuses on content-related and methodological basics. In addition to an introduction to the topic of holistic risk management, a process for managing political risks is developed. Finally, fundamental implications and requirements of the Supply Chain Act on comprehensive risk management are addressed. The module is completed with a certificate as “Political Risk Analyst”.

Deepening and application of the acquired basic knowledge

The world of political conflicts is complex and ever-changing. In light of the variety of risks and related issues, the second module is offered with different focus topics to deepen and apply the basic knowledge. Currently, four different focus topics are planned, but they are constantly being evolved and adapted: The Supply Chain Act, intrastate conflicts, interstate conflicts, and country/regional focuses. The course concludes with a certificate as “Political Risk Manager” after the completion of the first and second module.

In-depth analysis with a focus on current political conflict events

In the third and last module, new insights into the management of political risks are acquired and adapted to the current situation and circumstances. This can be, for example, information about new indices and improvements of existing indices, or the analysis of new political risks by country experts. Furthermore, a discussion and exchange with established political risk analysts as well as an evening event for networking across module years are planned. After successful participation in all three modules, participants will receive a certificate as “Political Risk Management Expert”.

After completing all three modules, regular participation in the third module is of course possible in order to keep the knowledge in the field of political risk management up to date. Upon completion of all modules, participants will receive a certification as “Professional Political Risk Manager” when participating in the third module again.

For more information on the MBI CONIAS Academy seminars, please visit our website. For more detailed insights into the training contents, please refer to this information brochure. If you have any questions or are interested in the seminars offered, our CONIAS Risk Intelligence Team is always at your disposal.


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