Most of us know and have made use of the Address ranges when geocoding. The estimated address locations are based on the position within the range on the segment.
Whereas the House coordinates locations are based on the actual position of the buildings. The House coordinates feature very precise latitude and longitude coordinates for each specific address, all matched to the HERE maps. With standardized processes and database-building expertise the addresses are checked for exceptions or mismatches. Only accurate addresses are included, duplicates and errors are eliminated.

MBI has adopted a cost-effective licensing model for the house coordinates for a number of countries worldwide. Just as an example in Germany there are approximately 20 million address points. The House coordinates deliver a more precise point-to-point routing capability by providing more accurate to-the-door arrival as well as more-reliable geocoding.

House coordinates support a wide variety of use cases

  • Fleet and Enterprise Solutions (Geocoding; More precise and efficient route optimization)
  • Data visualization, precise/more-reliable geocoding and routing, navigation and Internet mapping,
  • Emergency Awareness (Geocoding; Quick response times),
  • Door to door delivery (newspaper, mailings).

Benefits of Point Addressing

The data resolves non-standard addressing issues in countries where non-sequential numbering is used or where address ranges do not exist.

  • Enables accurate destination selection

Includes areas with non-standard addressing (essential in countries where non-linear addressing is normal, e.g. covering 80% of Czech addresses).

Represents alphanumeric addresses (e.g. 3a, 17bis; common in many European countries, e.g. 10% of addresses in Germany).

  • Enables accurate arrival

Enables “to-the-door” arrival on long streets (standard navigation based on approximate addresses can leave you more than 200 meters away (on average) in rural Germany.

  • Finds personalized addresses (e.g. houses named in the UK or Switzerland)