MB-Internationals‘ data available down to the level of street segments

MB-International supplies Socio-demographics and Purchasing Power data matching to the street database from HERE.

On the level of street segments the following variables are already available: Number of inhabitants, Number of households, Purchasing Power, Retail Spending and Consumer Spending by Product Groups. Other variables will be calculated or can be provided tailor-made according to each customer’s individual requirements.

“The advantages are quite obvious”, explains Mr Roberts-York, Managing Director of MB-International. Customers, using the street database from HERE now benefit from the new product range. As unnecessary costs for data processing and adjustment are avoided, customers can now benefit even more from tailor-made data, a quick delivery and lower costs. The data is particularly interesting for all companies which are dependent on having reliable small-scaled data suitable for Geomarketing tasks, like potential turnover calculations, Expansion Planning and Site analysis. Delivering the answers to; where are our potential customers? What is the purchasing power as compared to other locations or cities? This knowledge permits an exact definition of the small-scaled distribution/sales areas for example in media planning where it can be used to measure the results of targeted promotional activities (e.g. distribution of brochures). The added benefit is that the data can easily be aggregated from street level to higher levels (e.g. own internal distribution areas).

For a more detailed analysis, the following matching data layers can be added: Street segments, Build-up areas, House footprints and House coordinates.

For the use in a GIS (Geographical Information System), MB-International can provide you the data in almost all standard formats e.g. *.tab for MapInfo Professional or shape (*.shp) for ESRI ArcGis and ArcView.