New Zealand Postal, Admin and Micro Maps

Here an overview of demographic and purchasing power data for New Zealand from our global data offering.

Attributes such as: Population, Age bands, Sex / Gender, Households, Purchasing power, Consumer Spending by Product Groups, Households by Income Quintiles, Education (country-specific), Households by Type (country-specific), Marital status (country-specific) and Consumer Styles. All datasets are delivered in the MBI Global comparable and consistent data structure.

For New Zealand we also have the following area boundaries (vector boundaries, polygons) available:
Seamless and full country coverage of the PC 4-digit, Area Units and Meshblocks

Geographic level
Area levelpostaladminmicro
NamePC 4-digitArea UnitsMeshblocks
Number of areas1065191149946
Data / Variables
Age bandsxxx
Sex / Genderxxx
Purchasing powerxxx
Consumer Spending by Product Groupsxxx
Households by Income Quintilesx
Education (country-specific)xx
Households by Type (country-specific)x
Marital status (country-specific)x
Consumer Stylesxxx
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  • Globally consistent and comparable: Worldwide, seamless coverage of postal and administrative boundaries
  • The layers are topographically correct and “seamless”, i.e. country borders fit seamlessly together without overlaps and gaps
  • Data and areas can be easily combined in one layer thanks to a unique key, enabling cross-country analyzes
  • Simple update by uniform layout of the layer names
  • The higher-level area hierarchies are included
  • Digital boundaries are in a vector format to allow visualization in any zoom levels
  • The vintage compatibility between the boundaries and the Sociodemographic and Purchasing Power data is guaranteed
  • Our maps are subjected to a strict quality control and constantly updated by means of comprehensive research by our in-house geographical department


  • Globally consistent and comparable
  • Our data is subjected to a strict quality control and constantly updated by means of comprehensive research by our in-house statistical & geographical department
  • Sociodemographic data allows companies to zero in on their regional markets with increased precision and accuracy
  • Using our postcode, administrative boundary or small area maps for the geographic visualization of Sociodemographic Data allows for an even more effective and efficient decision-making


The data can be supplied in the following formats which allow easy loading to most database platforms:

  • Tab delimited file (TXT)
  • KML
  • Access database (MDB)
  • Excel (xls)


For those using desktop GIS systems we can deliver as well the matching AREA BOUNDARIES.

  • Esri Shape file (.shp)
  • Esri Geodatabase (.gdb)
  • MapInfo (.tab)
  • MapInfo MIF/MID

On request we can also provide area boundaries for Google Earth (KML) and PostGis. When and if desired we can combine the demographic data directly to the matching digital boundaries, enabling one to import the data into the system without the need for additional steps or tedious matching.

Please feel free to CONTACT US should you require a sample or have any questions. In the event that the data you were looking for was not listed here, please let us know and we will gladly investigate an alternative data offering to fit your needs.