In an app that uses HERE Location Services, the HERE map grid covers the whole city, with different POIs.

HERE HLS & SDK Migration Information & Schedule

In an app that uses HERE Location Services, the HERE map grid covers the whole city, with different POIs.

HERE HLS & SDK Migration Information & Schedule

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About HERE Migration

Thank you for being a valued and loyal partner.

Following HERE announcement from HERE Technologies in September 2022 related to the end-of-life of HERE predecessor versions of Location Services and the requested upgrade to HERE new versions of the Location Services, we want to share an important update with you, today.

We are grateful to all partners that have already been able to find the time and resources to work on or even to complete this effort already. Thank you for this!

 HERE also acknowledges that the upgrade process to HERE latest versions of the Location Services during the last months has been a challenging ask for others. And HERE is also cognizant of the need for more time for those that faced insurmountable challenges.

 Therefore, as part of HERE commitment to the continued evolution of HERE strong business relationship, HERE would like to notify you that we have extended the end-of-life of HERE old, predecessor versions of HERE Location Services until December 31st, 2023, for both, HERE cloud location services and the Premium SDK. This is to ensure you have enough time to technically upgrade your applications with HERE latest set of HERE Location Services.

As mentioned above, the predecessor HERE Location Services currently available on the HERE Developer Portal and hosted by HERE are now targeted to be retired by December 31st, 2023.

 HERE Premium SDK (3.x) is superseded by new HERE SDK 4.x variants. The HERE Premium SDK (3.x) will be continued maintained with monthly map updates and only critical bug fixes (no feature development or enhancements). HERE is targeting to retire the HERE Premium SDK (3.x) by December 31st, 2023.

Update 18.12.2023

HERE Location Services End-of-life | Important additional guidance

Following HERE’s announcement from February 2023 related to the end-of-life of the predecessor versions of Location Services and the requested upgrade to the new versions of HERE Location Services, we wanted to reach out to you, today, and remind and notify you of the previously shared end-of-life date.

The end-of-life of the old, predecessor versions of HERE Location Services remains unchanged as December 31st, 2023, for both our cloud location services and the Premium SDK (3.x).

We want to reiterate that all customers are asked to upgrade to the latest versions of HERE Location Services on platform. This means that you will have to onboard to the platform, request subscription of according plans and change the APIs you use until December 31st, 2023.

While we ask you to please try everything possible and ensure that you have upgraded your applications by this date we understand that there are scenarios where you might not be able to meet this deadline for reasons beyond your control. For this we would like to provide additional guidance on how to handle it.

  1. The upgrade process can only begin after the migration to the HERE platform has been completed. This is the case if you need to upgrade to a service that is only offered on the platform (Raster Tile v3, Map Image v3, Traffic v7, Traffic Raster Tile v2, Traffic Vector Tile v2, Batch Geocoding v7, Multi-Reverse Geocoding V7 and SDK 4.x Navigate). In this case, please work with your HERE representative on the migration.
  2. If you or your customer has already migrated to the platform, or the new version of the service you need to upgrade to is available on the Developer Portal (Vector Tile v2, Geocoding & Search v7, Routing v8, Isoline Routing v8, Matrix Routing v8, Route Matching v8, Map Attributes v8, Waypoints Sequencing v8) and there is no need to upgrade to any of the services only available on platform. Then, migrating to platform is not a dependency, but due to other HERE’s driven reasons (e.g. commercial, legal constraints) or reasons of your own (Q4 code freeze, Q4 priorities, extended implementation timelines, capacity, etc.) you are prevented from meeting the deadline, please share with your HERE representative your needed extension time.
  3. You or your customer cannot proceed with the upgrade due to critical feature/functionality or service availability blockers that prevent you to upgrade. Please work with your HERE representative on documenting blockers and validating that no alternative path exists, and we will try and work on finding a suitable solution.

We kindly request you to make reasonable efforts to upgrade by these deadlines. We will ensure your upgrade experience and support with HERE is as smooth and good as possible. We will carefully monitor the progress. Further support information can be found below.

Official Announcement

For a full list of APIs affected, please read HERE Product Notification Email.

The HERE Location Services have been redesigned from scratch and now have:

  • A consistent and aligned API specification across all services
  • A streamlined architecture for better performance
  • Sharing HERE map data across all services
  • More secure authentication and authorization
  • Fresher map content through higher map update frequency
  • Faster availability of new regions (e.g., such as the recently integrated high detail map of Japan)

What’s Next?

The next step is to start planning your migration to the new versions:

  • Identify if you are using one of the impacted HERE Location Services or HERE Premium SDK. Have your technical team review the list to see which services are impacted
  • The impacted location services should be migrated to the new versions by December 31st, 2023
  • Applications leveraging the Premium SDK 3.x should be upgraded to the new versions (Lite, Explore or Navigate) by December 31st, 2023
  • Applications leveraging HERE SDK 4.x for iOS Lite Edition should be migrated to HERE SDK 4.x Explore variant before December 31st, 2023

Retired Versions HERE Location Services

  • HERE Map Tile API v2 (depending on availability of new Raster Tile API v8)
  • HERE Map Image API v1
  • HERE Routing API v7
  • HERE Large-Scale Matrix Routing API
  • HERE Geocoder API v6
  • HERE Geocoder Autocomplete API v6
  • Batch Geocoder API v6 (depending on availability of new Batch Geocoder API v7)
  • HERE Places (Search) API v2
  • HERE Network Positioning API v1
  • HERE Fleet Telematics API
  • HERE Maps API for JavaScript v2.x
  • HERE Maps API for JavaScript v3.0

Retired SDKs

  • HERE Premium SDK 3.x
  • HERE SDK 4.x for iOS Lite Edition

Click here to get a full overview of the retired and new APIs & SDK:


HERE Map Image API v1 is not yet scheduled for retirement and does not have a direct successor planned, but it is in maintenance mode. Therefore, we recommend you consider if the HERE Maps API for JavaScript v.3.1 or the new Raster Tile API v3 may suit your use case in its place. If you are using the HERE Map Image API v1 with your existing application, then you may also continue to do so for the term of your present contract.

If you are using the Multi Reverse Geocoding feature, this will be available based on Geocoding & Search v7 by July 2023.


During the migration, you might identify that you still use AppID and AppCode for Authentications. These credentials must be replaced as soon as possible to use the latest APIs.

If you are impacted by that, please send an email to here(at) with following information:

  • Customer Name
  • AppID
  • Application

We will then provide you with new credentials.

Call to Action

  • Review if the products you are using are impacted by the migration/upgrade
  • Contact us if you need help to access the new versions or to access HERE SDK Navigate Edition
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Important Resources


In case the migration guides above are not sufficient, please collect the following information:

  • AppID
  • Project Plan
  • Migration Issue:
    • Please check development documentation first, if you can’t find the specifics, please describe your issue in detail
    • Example request

Please send this information to here(at)

For all other enquiries our Technical Team is happy to support!

Your MBI Team

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If you have a question about licensing and pricing or any other question, we will be happy to help you.

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