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Webinar – Managing Geopolitical Risk: Five Tips (German)

June 11 @ 11:00 am 11:45 pm

Global supply chains and international relationships offer great opportunities for your business to grow dynamically. At the same time, they bring with them geopolitical risks that can quickly become serious threats to your business. But how can you identify these risks early and manage them effectively?

Webinar Content:

Our interactive webinar in German will provide you with valuable insights on the following topics

  • Early identification of geopolitical risks
  • Transparently assess the potential impact on your business
  • Developing effective strategies to mitigate risk
  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • How to position your company for the future and capitalize on opportunities

Dr. Nicolas Schwank, Chief Data Analyst at MBI and a seasoned expert on conflict and risk, will provide you with practical tips. Based on his extensive consulting experience with institutions such as the European Union and leading companies in the insurance and automotive sectors, Dr. Schwank will provide valuable insights into sound, systematic and thorough risk management.

Take this opportunity to better prepare your organization for geopolitical risk and learn effective risk management strategies first-hand. You can look forward to getting answers to the political risk questions you have always been interested in.

We are happy to have you join us!

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