Data availability in different languages and writing systems facilitates working in multinational companies

In companies with locations in several countries, employees often have to adapt to uniform standards such as a corporate language that is not their native language. However, not only international companies, but also those operating in a country with more than one national language are faced with this challenge.

In order to solve this issue and, for example, to be able to perform Search & Display as well as Geocoding in the various national languages ​​and writing systems, MBI has developed Additional Names in the new 2021 data update.

For a country like Belgium, for example, the various variables such as city names are now listed in all national languages ​​- in this case Dutch, French and German. At the same time, for countries with a writing system other than Latin, such as Greece, there is the advantage that additional entries are now available in the respective national writing system.

Additional names can be easily imported into existing systems due to their clear listing and integration into microgeographic, administrative and postal levels. If you are interested or for further information on MBI Additional Names, please contact our Sales Team.


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