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Finding truck parking has never been easier

LKW.APP uses HERE Technologies, licensed through MBI, for European parking guidance system

The LKW.APP from our HERE solution partner Aparkado plans to significantly improve the day-to-day work of European truck drivers. The display of the occupancy of parking spaces makes the search for a suitable parking space for trucks child’s play. The integration of the map technology from HERE Technologies plays an important role here.

LKW.APP – Display of parking space occupancy for the first time

Based on historical geodata, the LKW.APP makes it possible to view the occupancy of parking spaces throughout Europe. This type of display is unique and helps professional drivers to drive and rest with less stress.

The simple, colored traffic light system helps to find a suitable parking space, both in the immediate vicinity and in advance along the individual transport route. In addition to the advantages for the drivers themselves, the transport companies also benefit significantly from using the app in their company. Eliminating time-consuming search maneuvers reduces the stress of the workforce, while the resulting shorter transport times offer more room for potential sales.

From the more than 12,000 listed parking spaces throughout Europe, the LKW.APP already shows a utilization forecast for over 5,000 parking spaces. In combination with the evaluation of the parking space utilization by the users on site, Aparkado works towards a real-time display of all European truck parking spaces in the long term. By directly involving experienced truck drivers, Aparkado ensures that the app is not only developed for truck drivers, but together with them.

HERE Maps supports ideal user experience through customized package

In order to ensure an ideal user experience with the LKW.APP, Aparkado uses the versatile technology from HERE. As a renowned map provider, HERE enables routes to be adapted to routes suitable for trucks with the truck routing service. The tailor-made package includes a design selection that optimally supports the traffic light system of parking space occupancy. In addition, geodata are translated into address data, which play an essential role in the processing of location data.

Roland Moussavi, co-founder of Aparkado, explains: “Seamless communication continues to be enabled through close collaboration with MBI. With both a spirit of partnership and professional digital expertise, MBI acts as an interface and contact for the relevant projects between HERE and the LKW.APP.”

LKW.APP will remain free until the end of 2023

The LKW.APP will continue to be available free of charge for iOS and Android with all functions until the end of the year. Individual functions of the app will then be transferred to a paid version. In the further development of the LKW.APP, the seamless integration of the HERE technology will play a particularly important role in ensuring the optimal user experience.

The LKW.APP is available in the App Store and in the Google Play Store. You can find more information about the app on the LKW.APP website. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Aparkado team. For more information about our HERE Distribution, please contact our Sales team.


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