Update Digital Boundaries 2015/2016

Gebietsgrenzen weltweit

Updated Global map data available at MB-International

Karlsruhe, 21-12-2015: Michael Bauer International GmbH has released the world wide data set 2015/2016 of the Digital Boundaries which is now available. The administrative and postal boundaries for Europe and South America have been completely updated. For a steadily growing number of countries worldwide, MB-International offers additionally to the postal and administrative maps also boundaries on micro area level.

The worldwide layers provide a globally consistent and comparable data base in many different aspects of business applications such as sales territory planning, service planning & analysis, customer visualization, thematic mapping, Social Media Marketing, Postcode look-up tables and Geocoding.

We will be happy to inform you about the geographical levels of single countries and would like to advise you on choosing the most suitable data for your individual application.


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