Des données cohérentes pour les solutions européennes de mobilité électrique

Une variété de données doit être prise en compte pour l’extension de la mobilité électrique et des infrastructures de recharge. Dans le même temps, de nombreuses entreprises rencontrent déjà des difficultés pour obtenir des données pour d’autres pays européens en dehors de l’Allemagne. MBI fournit des données globalement cohérentes et comparables pour des analyses de potentiel bien fondées et accompagne ainsi les entreprises sur la voie de l’électromobilité.

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À quelle situation de conflit international s’attend Joe Biden?

Les données actuelles de MBI fournissent des informations sur la situation des menaces politiques et aident les entreprises à identifier les risques pour la localisation, la logistique et la sécurité des investissements à un stade précoce et à développer des stratégies d’adaptation ciblées.

Karlsruhe, 19 novembre 2020: Il est actuellement difficile de savoir si les États-Unis sous Joe Biden assumeront à nouveau leur rôle de «police mondiale» – mais il y a plus qu’assez de crises nationales et internationales.

Avec l’outil d’analyse MBI CONIAS pour les conflits politiques mondiaux, Michael Bauer International GmbH examine en permanence la situation des données sur la situation des menaces politiques.

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CARTO joins the MBI partner network

Pouvoir d'achat

Pouvoir d'achat Bologna, Italie avec CARTOframes et MBI Data


Nombre de ménages Osaka, Japon avec CARTOframes et MBI Data

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Karlsruhe, July 2nd, 2020: CARTO is now a reseller for MBI’s globally consistent and comparable geodata. In today’s rapidly changing economy, being able to access and analyze global high-quality spatial data is fundamental to organizations using location intelligence. With thousands of organizations adapting to the impact of the “new normal”, analysts in a wide range of industries need more data than ever to keep their finger on the pulse as consumer behavior evolves faster than ever before. 

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Updates 2020 – Global boundaries, purchasing power and socio-demographic data for Europe

MBI location planning


Karlsruhe, May 18th 2020: The focus of the 2020 release of the global boundaries was the development of new micro boundaries as well as the adaptation of the administrative and postal boundaries in compliance to the current area vintage. In line with this, the purchasing power and socio-demographic data for Europe have been updated based on the latest statistics.
As a dynamic product, geodata constantly change…

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Michael Bauer International GmbH (MBI) appointed as one of the first HERE Distributors

Karlsruhe – HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform services, has signed a distributorship agreement with MBI, one of the largest international data providers with its headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany. This extends the long-running partnership over the last 10 years between the companies with MBI as one of the fastest growing HERE partners.

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Karlsruhe, March 2nd, 2020:  Michael Bauer International GmbH (MBI) created a new product to analyze the online-shopping activity and affinity of an area.

Online-Shopping Affinity

Over and above the standard MBI data offering of socio-economic data which enabling the identification of areas with high population or purchasing power, the company has developed an additional product, named Online-Shopping Affinity. The Online-Shopping Affinity is an index, which is currently available for over 80 countries. This can be used to identify target groups with a high affinity for online-shopping and is also perfect for the analysis of digital awareness e.g. car sharing, e-mobility and electronics.
The data is currently used in many different business applications: in retail e-commerce to identify target groups for online-shopping, in advertising to identify geofencing areas for online shopping, in logistics to optimize delivery networks and streaming services to access market potential for expansion.

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Karlsruhe, July 26, 2019: MB-International extends its global data offering by Global Daytime Population indicators. Now companies can get information about the size of population that is present in a given area during the day.

Mr. Roberts-York, Managing Director of Michael Bauer International says: “This new indicator for consumer base is significant for planners in retail, insurances, advertising, marketing and site location planning. It gives a better representation of where people are located during an average day.”

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Global Updates: Postcode Boundary Maps and Administrative Area Maps

Données-cartographiques-zones postales-limites administratives-limites micro-géographiques

Karlsruhe, June 21, 2019: The latest release 2019 of MB-International’s global area boundaries comes with numerous territorial changes. Especially on the African continent but also in Asia, Europe and North America.

Every year there are several changes at postal and administrative area levels. The new released boundary update now contains all revisions. Companies can use the current data in many different aspects of business applications for example in Geomarketing, Social Media Marketing or Business Intelligence.

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Michael Bauer International GmbH presents its new authorized partners

CONIAS Risk Intelligence GmbH
casaGeo Data + Services GmbH
WENXT S.A.S, France

Karlsruhe, December 20, 2018: MBIs authorized partners are an integral part of their global strategy and are delighted with the joint success they are achieving. In the last months MBI has signed new partnerships with CONIAS Risk Intelligence GmbH, casaGeo Data + Services GmbH and WENXT S.A.S. This broadens the companies’ existing sales network and expands the use of its geodata portfolio into new business sectors.

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