Webinar in German – The Ukraine crisis and its potential impact on businesses

In light of the extremely tense situation in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as a multitude of conflicts worldwide, the corporate management of political risks is noticeably gaining in importance. That’s why we’re teaming up with the Funk Group – one of Europe’s leading insurance brokers and risk consultants – to host a webinar on the Ukraine crisis and potential effects on businesses.

You can expect the following content:

  • In-depth overview of the current situation in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine
  • Introduction of three potential scenarios for the further course of the conflict and their implications for companies
  • Outline of preventive and reactive measures, especially in the area of crisis management
  • Opportunity for further and more in-depth questions and dialogue during a Q&A session

Participating in our webinar will provide you with:

  • Deeper understanding of the relevance of the Ukraine crisis and potential impact on your own company/industry
  • Understanding of the need for professional handling of this conflict and political risks in general
  • Facilitation of a dialogue in the area of political risks as well as holistic risk management

We offer two different dates for you to participate in our webinar:

Wednesday, February 16th 2022
10am – 11am CET
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Friday, February 18th 2022
10am – 11am CET
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Webinar – From Beverage Delivery to Waste Collection: What’s Your Routing Challenge?

Join us on September 2nd, 3:30 PM CEST for a partner webinar by Michael Bauer International GmbH and HERE Technologies:

With HERE Technologies Location Services, you can easily solve routing challenges for moving fleets, passengers and businesses. From getting accurate ETAs with routing algorithms over solving complex real-world use cases to routing instructions for different modes of travel, HERE Routing covers various use cases.

Join our webinar to get a glimpse of how our partners SATLOG, casaGeo and Sensoneo leverage HERE Routing in their everyday business – from tour planning for breweries to waste collection optimization. Moreover, you will get insights into the advantages of Truck Routing, Traffic Routing and Matrix Routing.

Register now to understand how to solve the challenges in your business.


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